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We Provide Exceptionally Trained Horses

With horses, there is no rushing or taking shortcuts, SUCCESS comes from thoughtful, consistent training, and most of all PATIENCE & UNDERSTANDING.


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Ashdown Equestrian helps you select and import your dream Irish Sport Horse from specially selected and trained young horses.

Customer Satisfaction

Our aim is to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and provide an enjoyable and fun horse buying experience from start to finish

Quality Irish Horses

Our trainer has an innate ability to look at a young undeveloped animal and see what lies beneath the outward appearance, and as such only the finest horses are brought into the program.

Professionally Trained

Our team has developed an excellent training program for bringing horses from their very first rides to the top echelons of horse sport.

About Ashdown Equestrian

We Have 30 Years of Experience in Equestrian Training & Riding

We bring together North American equestrian riders and top quality European horses to achieve exceptional partnerships!

Katie Daley


When You Are On a Great Horse, You Have The Best Seat You Will Ever Have

Our team combine our expertise with the aim of enriching the lives of our horses through conscientious training and horsemanship, and in turn produce capable and confident young horses ready to excel, and become valuable partners in and out of the show ring.
Our training philosophy is simple- that there is no rushing or taking shortcuts, and that time is the greatest factor in producing young horses. Our business philosophy is to be at all times honest and transparent, and that every relationship must be built on trust.
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Horses have shaped and enriched our lives and our team’s passion is poured back into our work with these young stars
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Patient Training is the Greatest Factor in Producing Champions

Our team is committed to providing the best foundation for our horses. From their very first training sessions to their placement with new owners, every interaction is aimed at allowing each individual horse to develop their athleticism and learn to love the sport and their interaction with people.
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Horses have shaped and enriched our lives and our team’s passion is poured back into our work with these young stars

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