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About Ashdown Equestrian

We Have 30 Years of Experience in Equestrian Training & Riding

We bring together North American equestrian riders and top quality European horses to achieve exceptional partnerships!

Katie Daley


Why Choose Us

Patient Training is the Greatest Factor in Producing Champions

Our team is committed to providing the best foundation for our horses. From their very first training sessions to their placement with new owners, every interaction is aimed at allowing each individual horse to develop their athleticism and learn to love the sport and their interaction with people.

Our Vision

To not only provide amazing equine partners for competition, but to support our clients from first contact to purchase, and beyond.

Our Mission

To place each client with the ideal horse for their needs and support them in their journey together.

Our Team

Meet Our Team of
Equine Professionals

Horses have shaped and enriched our lives and our team’s passion is poured back into our work with our young stars. Each team member brings with them their unique skillset and experiences to support our goal of producing quality horses for sport and overall enjoyment.


Katie Daley



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John Wright

Founder TSHI


Joan Wright

Owner TSHI

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Superb Irish Sport Horse?

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